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Natural resources in the foreground


Sustainable water use is very important for our society. Farmers and agricultural enterprises strive to improve yield with less costs. A proper irrigation management allows to increase productivity with conscious use of natural resources.

Sustainability is in the heart of Irriga System's services.

Irrigated agriculture receives green water as well as blue water. Green water is defined as the precipitation, while blue water refers to the water from rivers, lakes, wetlands and aquifers diverted to irrigation. To improve agricultural sustainability we need to improve water use, saving both green and blue water.

In the regions where Irriga System operates, we estimate green water usage by measuring the rainfall adjusted to the size of the managed fields. Blue water is calculated with the aggregate sum of all the irrigation depth recommended by our System. We also determine the crop water requirements during the growing season by measuring daily the soil water balance of each monitored field, defined as crop water used.